Preventative Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

In the UK, millions of people every year suffer from some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), otherwise known as the “winter blues”, which can be both traumatic and debilitating for those who have to deal with it. This can manifest itself in a number of symptoms, the most common being lack of energy and difficulty in waking up in the morning, as well as a tendency to oversleep and overeat. In extreme cases, SAD can lead to a weakened immune system as well as more serious symptoms associated with depression, compromising mental health severely.

There are a number of strategies that sufferers of SAD can use to restore their sense of wellbeing and happiness. Especially over the winter period, workers can rise before sunrise and leave their place of work after dark, which means that they do not get enough exposure to natural light. Getting outdoors as much as possible, then, is a vital remedy, as well as getting into a regular exercise routine.

Increasing your intake of Vitamin D is another essential component of dealing with SAD. SAD treatment involves a specialised light box, which is undertaken in a hospital with trained medical staff to oversee the procedure, using little or no UV light that is associated with commercial sunbeds. Directed at the eyes, this treatment induces the body to begin creating and regulating naturally occurring hormones as it would during summer, relieving symptoms and restoring the patient’s sense of wellbeing.

In exactly the same way, conventional sunbed hire can go a long way towards preventing the development of SAD symptoms for people with little exposure to natural light in their daily lifestyle. Scantech Ltd promotes responsible tanning, and whilst prolonged exposure to UV light can lead to burnt skin or eyes, short bursts can result in a strong and sustained sensation of wellbeing and happiness.

Whilst very few people are aware of the beneficial impact of sunbed treatment, when it comes to supplementing your intake of Vitamin D, just a few minutes a day on a sunbed can provide most people’s daily requirement. Whilst this is no substitute for a medically prescribed course of SAD treatment, sunbeds can go a long way to improving your general mood and wellbeing.