At Scantech we have a wide selection of domestic sunbeds that will suit every home in Sutton Coldfield. We guarantee not only privacy and convenience but also hygiene standards that you can control. We ensure all our units are PAT tested every 6 months, also for safety each of our sunbeds have been installed with dual safety timers which comply with the latest British Standards. On delivery we ensure you receive two pairs of goggles, our sunbed hire safety guide and of course a guide for all skin types. This will help you choose the recommended tanning time for your skin type.

Models Include:

  • VT20
  • VX240
  • Elite
  • Carribean Cool Tanning Unit

Safety When Tanning

When hiring one of our sunbeds you should start at a minimum of 3 minutes, and then gradually build your time up depending on your skin type and level of base tan. You should never exceed longer than 10 minutes at a time, which is why all our sunbed hire units in Sutton Coldfield have all been fitted with twin safety timers. At Scantech we strongly advise you tan responsibly, which is why we ensure you will receive safety guidelines on delivery. Our sunbed hire in Sutton Coldfield aims to give you the ultimate tanning experience so there will be no need to travel to your local tanning salon.

Sunbed Hire Sutton Coldfield