Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-14T12:56:25+00:00
What happens if damage occurs to my property during delivery and installation of one of your units?2019-10-07T15:22:26+01:00

Our units are handled and fitted by staff with years of experience. We pride ourselves on treating customer’s homes with the utmost respect and care, and, as you would expect of any professional company, we do hold public liability insurance.

Do you supply replacement tubes?2019-10-07T15:28:54+01:00

Yes, we are able to supply replacement tubes.

How often are your units serviced?2019-10-07T15:29:20+01:00

At least once a year – or more regularly if required.

How do I pay?2019-10-07T15:29:51+01:00

The preferred method of payment is electronic – we accept bank transfer (BAC’S), Pingit or confirmed payment by debit/credit card (over the phone) before delivery. Cash on delivery is also an option but we no longer accept cheque’s.

How much notice do I need to give if I wish to extend the hire period?2019-10-07T15:30:08+01:00

Depending on the type of unit and the time of year, usually 48 hours is enough notice. In peak season it would be appreciated if you could tell us of your intention to extend the hire period as soon as possible.

What if I fall asleep under the unit?2019-10-07T15:30:28+01:00

By law, all units must be fitted with two timers. You will need to set BOTH timers, following the recommended guidelines for your skin type as well as the recommended exposure time. The unit will automatically shut off when the set time is up.

What if it developes a fault or stops working?2019-10-07T15:30:59+01:00

This is extremely rare but if something goes wrong, call us and we’ ll arrange for our technician to come out and assess the problem. We aim to repair faults within 24 hours of them being reported to us. If this is not possible, you will be supplied with a replacement unit or offered a free extension on the hire period to compensate.

How much space will I need?2019-10-07T15:31:25+01:00

That depends on the unit you choose. Vertical units need about 1 sqm floor space, preferably on a rug or carpet. Twins take up 6ft3” x 3ft. Canopies can be fitted over the bed or adjusted to be used from floor level. If on the floor, you will need the same space as a twin.

Does the unit need to be set up in a specific room?2019-10-07T15:31:48+01:00

You can have the unit set up in any room of your choice, as long as there is a suitable electric socket available.

How soon can I have a unit?2019-10-07T15:32:07+01:00

You can either book a specific date for delivery in advance, or providing it is not peak season (we do get waiting lists for some types of sunbed in April, May and June), we can normally supply a unit within 48 hours.

What’s the difference between the units?2019-10-07T15:32:27+01:00

All of our units are fitted with professional tubes, so the difference comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer the comfort and relaxation of the lying down while using a unit, or the convenience and speed of the vertical sunbed?

The vertical unit achieves an all over tan because you have tubes all around you and the tanning times are reduced to compensate. However, whichever unit you choose you will still acheive that beautiful tan you desire.

What is a fast tan tube?2019-10-07T15:33:25+01:00

There is no legal definition for a fast tan tube. In the past people have given tubes various names to try and give themselves a selling advantage – Fast tan, Turbo and E.T.P (Effective Tanning Power) are some of the more popular names. We recommend that your ask your sunbed supplier 2 questions :-

  1. The wattages of the tubes
  2. The exposure times for the given unit.

There are other factors that determine the speed of the tanning process such as the ratio of UVA and UVB. For example a 160 watt tube with 2.3% UVB will give a shorter exposure time than a 200 watt tube with 1.3% UVB.