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‘0.3’ – What is it in relation to sunbeds and why do we have it?

In the early 2000’s, safety officers in Finland and Spain persuaded the European Commission that the safety standard for UV tanning appliances in force at that time (BS: EN 60335-2-27:1997) failed to properly protect users of certain commercial sunbeds - in particular, it did not provide limit values on the maximum effective irradiance of UV radiation for the types of tanning devices that are covered by the scope of the standard. The commission asked a body.
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Preventative Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

In the UK, millions of people every year suffer from some form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), otherwise known as the “winter blues”, which can be both traumatic and debilitating for those who have to deal with it. This can manifest itself in a number of symptoms, the most common being lack of energy and difficulty in waking up in the morning, as well as a tendency to oversleep and overeat. In extreme cases, SAD.
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The Benefits of using a Sun Bed

With the latest equipment and products you will get that desirable tan you’ve always been looking for in the comfort of your own home so you don’t have to wait any longer to improve your health and wellbeing. Sunbeds have many benefits from vitamin D (6 out of 10 adults are vitamin D deficient) and psychological wellbeing though building confidence and relaxation. It can also help reduce the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder known as Winter.
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New stock arriving

To help cope with current demand for Vertical sunbeds we have recently taken delivery of 5 new units and have ordered another 5 which will arrive in the next few weeks.vt20-img252ea4adba2888.png .
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