At Scantech we can help you achieve a beautiful tan all year round with our highly popular sunbed hire in Redditch. All our sunbeds are manufactured to a high standard and have been installed with twin safety timers, which comply with the most current British and European standards. With our sunbed hire in Redditch, most units are fitted with lamps rated at 160 watt or higher – although specialist lower wattage units are available. Below is a list of all our sunbeds which range from canopies to twin units and vertical units, however depending on the type of unit, hire period and your location the price will vary.

  • Elite
  • VT20
  • VX240
  • Carribean Cool Tanning Unit

Safety First

At Scantech we ensure all our sunbeds for hire in Redditch are fully installed on delivered, while our staff will also carry out a full electrical safety inspection on the unit and electric supply that the unit will be connected to. We take safety very seriously when we hire out our units; therefore you will receive two pairs of goggles with full operating instructions that will include a skin type guide to help you if you are a little unsure how long you should use it for at a time. At Scantech we follow the sunbed regulation act (2010) and therefore do not allow under 18’s to hire and use our sunbeds.

Sunbed Hire Redditch