At Scantech we ensure you get the perfect glowing tan in the comfort of your own home. Our sunbed hire in Tamworth has been around for about 20 years now and we only hire the best manufactured sunbeds which are perfect for an upcoming wedding or holiday. Our sunbed hire in Tamworth ranges from vertical to the canopy and twin units which are far more hygienic than a salon tanning bed. All our units have and will be fully inspected before and after every hire period and on delivery we ensure you have everything you need to get on your way from goggles to skin guides and user instructions.

  • 2 free pairs of goggles with each hire
  • Body breeze units on verticals with fan cooling on all sunbeds
  • Full inspection of unit before and after every use
  • On time delivery and collection
  • Durable and high performance
  • 100 watt to 250 watt tubes
  • Ultimate tanning experience at home
  • Collagen red light therapy

Collagen Light Therapy

Our experts at Scantech not only provide sunbed hire but now specialise in Collagen light therapy, which is also known as Red Light Therapy and is now available to all in the Tamworth area. This treatment has become highly popular over the years because it encourages the formation of new capillaries in the skin which will aid in removing toxins and repair damaged skin. Our collagen light method will also help to stimulate the production of collagen. This is what helps the skin give the rejuvenated youthful look. What’s making this treatment highly desirable is that it can penetrate up to 10mm of the skin, therefore having a deeper and consequently long lasting effect. There is no UVA or UVB emitted from the tubes, which means you will not receive a tan, as this light therapy is harmless to the skin tissue.

Sunbed Hire Tamworth