If you are looking for affordable sunbed hire in Stoke on Trent you have come to the right place. Our new and improved sunbeds aim to give you the perfect sun kissed tan in the comfort of your own home. At Scantech our price may vary as this will depend on the type of unit you require, hiring period and of course the area you want us to deliver it to. Within Stoke on Trent our sunbed hire has become of high demand as our prices are so affordable you would be silly to miss out. Our units are of the highest standard and range from canopies to twin units and vertical sunbeds.

  • Body breeze units on verticals with fan cooling on all sunbeds
  • On time delivery and collection throughout Stoke on Trent
  • Durable and high performance
  • 100watt to 250watt tubes
  • Collagen red light therapy

Our Units

The units available are each fitted with two 10 minute safety timers which comply with the most current and up to date British and European standards. Our sunbed hire in Stoke on Trent offers many units such as the Lowline 800 canopy, Elite and twin Compact 1600. We also provide many popular vertical units like our favourite the Sunshower V2400, VT20, VT24F and VX240. We ensure all our units are inspected before and after every use and with each sunbed that is hired out you will receive two pairs of goggles along with user instructions and a skin type guide.

Sunbed Hire Stoke-on-Trent