We stock a full range of Sunbed Lamps.

Sunbed tubes will light up for 1000’s of hours, but the phosphor’s that coat the inside of the lamp burns off with use. Consequently the spectrum of light required to develop a tan reduces and eventually the tube ceases to work from the tanning perspective. We therefore recommend you change all your lamps at the same time. If you mix new and old tubes you may end up with an inconsistent tan or even a striping effect.

We can also get specialist lamps for medical use .

We can also supply Collagen lamps for Red Light Therapy that will fit in to any sunbed that has standard 1.8 meter or 2.0 meter tubes.

All UV tanning lamps are dangerous if the manufacturers instructions and health and safety guidelines are not adhered to. They can damage your eyes very quickly and overexposure can burn just as the sun does.

If you are at all unsure of the lamps you need, please call us for advice.

The wrong lamps may damage your sunbed.

It is a requirement, under the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) legislation that all sunbed tubes be recycled. Your local authority may provide recycling services. If not, we can provide a recycling service for you.

Please call 0333 5775770 for up to date prices.

We also stock a wide range of sunbed components, spares and accessories.