Sunbeds can have many positive effects on an individual, as well as a sun kissed glow using a sunbed can provide relief from many health and wellbeing ailments. With sunbeds now being in the same category as UV rays omitted from sunlight, subeds can provide ample amounts of Vitamin D which is essential for general health and wellbeing.

The many benefits of sunbed usage include:

  • Reduce the effects of certain skin issues
  • Alleviate stress and many other mental health issues
  • All over tan
  • Convenience


At Scantech Ltd we offer a premium service for hiring sunbeds within the Wolverhampton area. We provide a free delivery service within the Wolverhampton area to your desired location. If you are considering hiring a sunbed within Wolverhampton we are the ideal choice for your tanning needs.

Sunbed Hire Wolverhampton